Advancing Technologies in 1H and 31P MR Spectroscopy in the Human Brain at 7 Tesla

B. van de Bank

Promotor: A. Heerschap
Copromotor: T. Scheenen
Radboud University, Nijmegen
February 23, 2018


MR Imaging or Spectroscopy cannot be performed without a RF coil. Building such a coil can be challenging, especially for MR systems with magnetic field strengths of 7 Tesla or higher,which are delivered without a body coil. Currently, this field of hardware engineering is a paradise for the MR Coil technician, as there is need to develop and construct innovative experimental coil designs for MR experiments. For multi-nuclear MR spectroscopy there are few commercial coils available and an engineer is needed to design a dedicated coil for the appropriate resonance frequency and body organ.

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